Шико Первый (shiko_1st) wrote,
Шико Первый

Оказывается, в Европе тоже очень любят детей

С мест сообщают:
A new investigation re-examining decades-old child abuse claims at 18 children’s care homes in north Wales has identified 140 possible victims, British police said Monday.

The probe collected “significant evidence of systemic and serious sexual and physical abuse of children” at the care homes, police said in a report. The alleged victims, mostly men, were from 7 to 19 years old when they say they were targeted between 1965 and 1992. The alleged offenses ranged from verbal abuse to indecent assaults and rape.

“Many (of those interviewed) have provided graphic accounts of abuse, in some cases of very serious criminality,” Detective Ian Mulcahey said.
Впрочем, сторонников продажи детей иностранцам это нисколько не смутит.
Tags: дети, заграница, криминал
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